Pinpoint Policy Institute Launches to Promote & Defend the Pillars of America’s Economic Growth & Prosperity

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today marks the launch of the Pinpoint Policy Institute, a new nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and defending the essential pillars of America’s economic growth and prosperity, led by longtime policy expert Gordon Gray, formerly of the American Action Forum.

Prior to launching Pinpoint, Mr. Gray served as Vice President for Economic Policy at the American Action Forum, where for over a decade his portfolio included tax and federal budget policy, macroeconomics, and general economic policy matters.

“I’m excited and honored to launch Pinpoint Policy Institute as a vigorous new voice in the fight for America’s future,” stated Pinpoint Executive Director Gordon Gray. “For generations, free market ideas and pro-growth policies have made America the most prosperous and secure nation on Earth. Unfortunately, America’s promise is under threat today from a growing chorus of voices critical of our free enterprise system. Pinpoint is committed to countering these forces and advancing the principles of American greatness.”

For more than 200 years, entrepreneurship, innovation, individual rights, and the rule of law have paved the way for an unprecedented run of prosperity and security for the American people. But today, a combination of heavy-handed government, ill-conceived legislation, burdensome regulation, and parochial interests threaten to stifle market dynamism and place America’s future at risk. The Pinpoint Policy Institute is dedicated to countering these threats with fact-based research, policymaker education, agile communications, and public engagement.

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