There is nowhere on Earth where it is easier for an idea to find a market than America. If that market does not yet exist, Americans will create it. Pinpoint Policy Institute advances ideas and research that assert the centrality of the entrepreneurial spirit to American prosperity. This outlook is at the heart of the American success story over the past 200-plus years but is nevertheless threatened by intrusive policies that protect entrenched interests at the expense of economic growth.

Preserving a climate that fosters innovation and risk-taking is essential to assuring America’s preeminence in the global order. Pinpoint Policy Institute develops and details policy solutions that reflect the entrepreneurial spirit that drives American prosperity, while providing fact-based analysis of emerging policies that would diminish our capacity for innovation.

Market Dynamism

The American market economy depends on decentralized creativity; from leading CEOs to young students, no one has a monopoly on innovation. Pinpoint Policy Institute is committed to defending the essential vibrancy of the American economy from the whims of government. We advance evidence-based research demonstrating that America’s economic and societal well-being not only depends on dynamic, open markets, but that the alternative – namely, heavy-handed regulation – leads to diminished opportunity and prosperity for all.

As part of this effort, Pinpoint promotes policy approaches that recognize the value of a stable and predictable regulatory environment – one that encourages vigorous competition for delivering value to markets. We also identify, through data-driven research, the costs to the American economy of policies that close and stifle markets.

Energy Abundance

Over the past 20 years, the United States has experienced a revolution in energy production. Gone should be the days when America looked abroad for powering its industries and communities. As the nation’s economy advances through the 21st century, our potential for energy production has evolved from a national liability to a global asset. Keeping this energy revolution alive is essential to fueling new and emerging industries and technologies, while providing American consumers with affordable energy solutions.

Pinpoint Policy Institute champions energy policies that recognize America’s natural resources as a strategic asset and a comparative advantage against foreign adversaries and economic competitors. It also critiques the inherent flaws in energy and regulatory policies that subordinate national prosperity to parochial interests or heavy-handed regulation.

Human Capital

Fundamental to the American Dream is the proposition that any man or woman can advance their own wellbeing unencumbered by anything but the limitations of their own drive and talent. While this may be truer in the United States than anywhere else on Earth, it remains an elusive ideal. Pinpoint Policy Institute advances policies and ideas that ground labor policy in economic liberty. It promotes flexible labor markets that allow workers more opportunity and economic security.

As the American economy evolves over the course of the 21st century, it will be buffeted by both internal and external challenges. Fostering a world-class workforce that is prepared and capable to meet these challenges is critical to America’s enduring prosperity. Pinpoint will offer analysis that distinguishes those policies that promote a modern American workforce from those that do not.