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Pro-Growth Conservatives React to “Bonkers” American Compass

Posted: May 21, 2024

During a CNBC interview this morning, American Compass Executive Director Oren Cass called for higher taxes and dismissed the basic tenets of pro-growth economic policy.

First, see CNBC’s Joe Kernan blasting Cass’s calls for higher taxes: “In what universe would that make sense as a conservative to raise taxes on corporations?” 

After the interview, a range of pro-growth conservatives reacted on X:

CNBC’s Joe Kernan: “Bonkers … Unipartity Progressivism”

The Heritage Foundation’s Joel Griffith: “Embracing higher taxes, tariffs, subsidies, Big Labor, & industrial policy isn’t a ‘conservative economic reset.’ It’s a recipe for economic stagnation.

The Heritage Foundation’s Richard Stern:@oren_cass on CNBC this morning defending the uniparty’s attempt to steal your money and put it in their hands – and to stop capital from flowing to new and small businesses. With “friends” like this, who needs socialists”

National Taxpayers Union’s Joe Bishop-Henchman: “Walter Mondale called and wants his presidential platform back”

Americans for Tax Reform’s Tom Hebert: “Left-wing billionaires pay Oren Cass to pretend that progressive economic policy is “gaining ground” in the GOP.”

Americans for Tax Reform’s Brian Bashur: “These proposals are anathema to sound public policy and should be rejected by Republicans.”